Het Bronsvuur – The Bronze fire

Het Bronsvuur: Another castingMy name is Morgan van Es and I’m the bronze caster of the Bronzezeithof Uelsen, a small archaeological open air museum located in Germany, close to the Dutch region ‘Twente’. During the season I give bronze casting demonstrations there. The dates can be found on the events page.

I’m particularly interested in the melting process and the tools used for this. Furnaces, crucibles, bellows and more. I like experimenting with various furnace types.

Another interest of mine is connecting historical bronze casters other interested people (like archaeologists) with each other. For this I run a Facebook group called Experimental Historical Bronze Casting with over 150 members. I also organize a yearly, week-long event for bronze casters at the Bronzezeithof. The first edition of this event took place in May 2017 and was a success. We’re already planning the event for 2018.

Creating moulds  for replicas and finishing the casted items doesn’t have my interest that much. So I don’t create objects on request, but some finished castings may be available at the small museum shop of the Bronzezeithof from time to time as my girlfriend likes to help me with finishing (grinding, polishing and such).