Demonstrations: bronze castingHet Bronsvuur regularly performs demonstrations for the general public. I mainly show the actual casting process and everything around it. Sometimes I’ll also show some of the other activities related to bronze casting, like making moulds and crucibles. Demonstrations often take place on reconstructed historical farmsteads, where people can see historical buildings and people performing various historical crafts.

Sometimes I also perform our demonstrations during other events.

All dates and venues for locations can be found under Events.

As I work, I provide explanations and answer questions from visitors. The explanations are not targeted towards children, but some children will certainly find my demonstrations very interesting.

Demonstrations at the Bronzezeithof (Bronze Age Farmstead)Demonstrations at the Bronzezeithof

A regular location where I perform my activities is the Bronzezeithof Uelsen. This is a reconstructed bronze age farm stead in Lower Saxony, Germany, near the Dutch border. During the season, I regularly cast here and am also active with other bronze casting related activities, but the Bronzezeithof is open every Sunday afternoon. See for more information the website of the Bronzezeithof (Dutch and German only). The dates when I am casting here can be found under Events as well.