Bronze Casting Festival 2017

May 22 – 28 2017, Bronzezeithof Uelsen

Note that this page contains info for (possible) participants only. Information for visitors will be available at a later time.

A new historical bronze casting event, to be held yearly at the Bronzezeithof in Uelsen, Germany. A festival for bronze casters to meet, exchange knowledge, work together on castings and experiments, discuss methods and also just have a good time together. The festival is organized by the Bronzezeithof and in particular by me, as the regular bronze caster at the Bronzezeithof.

Note: none of the below is cast in stone yet. Based on feedback from you, we might conclude that other options are preferable.

Update: we have got a couple of applications, so the date is now fixed.

For whom?

For people actively involved in historical methods of bronze casting, who are interested in working with other bronze casters and willing to exchange knowledge and ideas. In principle methods from any historical period can be used as long they’re not too modern (so no electrical/gas furnaces for example). So let’s say from the Bronze Age up-to the 19th century.

In principle you can bring other people along, but there’s a maximum of (about) 40 participants . People actively involved in bronze casting (casters and helpers) have priority over other people. Also if there are enough casters, the Bronzezeithof would like to limit demonstrations in the weekend to bronze casting only. Exceptions can be made, just ask.  If you’re staying off-grounds (see below), you’re of course welcome to bring partners, children and so on. When in doubt, ask.


From Monday May 22nd till Sunday May 27. This is the week of Ascension Day (Hemelvaart/Christi Himmelfahrt) which is a public holiday on Thursday in a lot of the European countries. From Monday – Friday it will be a private event, open only for participants. On Saturday and Sunday the venue will be open to the public and we can give casting demonstrations.
You are free to decide which days you want to take part, you don’t have to be there the whole week, but we would appreciate it if most participants can be there from Thursday till Sunday. Taking a day of during the festival is no problem whatsoever.

Bronzezeithof (Bronze Age Farmstead)What to expect?

  • A nice and beautiful venue
  • A relaxed atmosphere
  • No real obligations
  • Sharing furnaces
  • Helping each other
  • Exchanging knowledge
  • Possibly one or more larger experiments
  • If there are enough participants, possible one or more lectures on interesting subjects

What not to expect?

  • A fixed schedule, apart from potential lectures and larger experiments
  • Having a furnace for yourself all day
  • Producing a lot of castings. The goal is exchanging knowledge and ideas, not producing as much as possible.

Practical info

Fee for participants: None! You’ll have to pay your own travel expenses, food (see below) and if you choose to stay off-grounds the costs for your accommodation. But taking part itself is free!

Languages: You’re expected to speak either English or German (or both). Depending on the participants, the main language will probably be German

Materials: The Bronzezeithof will provide good quality charcoal, daub/loam for furnaces and a limit amount of clay and dung. One or two furnaces (in the ground, with air from above, Bronze Age style) will be available as well as two sets of bag bellows. Buckets and sand will be there as well. You’ll need to bring everything else you need including tools, metal, crucibles and moulds. If you have bellows and you can bring them, please do.

Sleeping: The Bronzezeithof has a limited number of sleeping places available in our Bronze Age house, which will be assigned in application order.  A few larger tents can also be put up for shared use if needed. The Bronzezeithof can arrange a few camp beds, but if you have any camp bed or mattresses please bring them. You will have to bring sleeping bag and other camping gear yourself. Be aware that it can be cold at night in May.
Apart from this you can put up your tent on our fields if it has a neutral colour, like brown, dark green or natural cotton/linen. If you have a different coloured tent, you can rent a pitch at a camping ground at walking distance. There’s also a youth hostel and there are a couple of hotels in town. In the region there are plenty of other accommodations and camping grounds available.

Food: On Saturday evening after closing time, a BBQ will organized by the Bronzezeithof. Apart from this, we’ll have to provide for ourselves. A supermarket is nearby so we can cook and share food. We can cook on open fire or use camping stoves (if you have any please bring it). There are also pizzerias, snack bars and such in town.

Travel: I your travel using public transport, we can arrange a pick-up, either from the bus in Uelsen or on the Dutch side of the border in Vasse (which can be reached via a direct bus from Almelo station). Trying to travel by bus to Uelsen from the Netherlands is not advised. This is a huge (and expensive) detour.


Interested in taking part? Even if you’re not sure if you can come, please contact me, and provide the follow information:

  • Who you are and what you do in terms of historical bronze casting.
  • Which days you think you’ll be there (from-till).
  • How many other people you intent to bring with you and if they’re active in bronze casting as well.
  • Whether you and the members of your group speak and understand English and/or German.
  • Whether you need a place to stay in the house or a tent, want to stay in your own tent on the grounds or will be staying off-grounds.
  • Whether the eating arrangements indicated above are okay for you.
  • If you have any ideas for larger experiments/castings.
  • Any other questions you might have.

Note: You’re not obligating yourself or others to come by contacting me.

Final question: If you have a suggestion for a nice (shorter) name for the event, let me know.